Saturday, December 8, 2007

The next Sexy

In addition to the number of males I've liked and often if I do like a certain 'rising' star they often end up being a center, I have the 'queer eye' my dears. Oh I do do and I know you girls know I do. so here's the next person to become well lets just put it this way, I do think about him before I go to sleep and I do enjoy it...a Lot. I'm not sure if he's gay or not as Carrie Bradshaw's GBF had put it, 'the accent throws me off,'. So my gaydar's probably not working although my fantasies have involved, his fingers, him, me and an island table. God I wish it was fucking true. Although a few months after I might be looking at another rising star. My theme is...guys with long hair. Because after the fall of Gale Harold, its been hard to find men with sensual lips and thinking cunnilingus. I know you girls...and boys would love him. You can catch him on Astro every Wednesday an Thursday on Cooking It, similar to Faking It. Unfortunately, I'm not that bad a cook so I won't be a guest anytime soon. God, still thinking about those fingers, the island table, me, cunnilingus and Jun Tanaka ;)

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