Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Seriously - The FACE of Relationships?

I notice I often talk about Western type relationships more often than other types, but this is because it pervades our culture more readily than say, a relationship between two Sharanahua people. See the jump? Good. Honestly, if these links are the face of relationships, I don't want to be on, in, over, above, and/or below it. :-




See my point? I've seen feminists raving mad angry, honestly I would be raving mad angry, in fact I am raving mad angry. Its about women getting men back, women doing the RIGHT thing in relationships, WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN. Makes me sick to the stomach, makes me fucking frustrated. Are there a lot of sites on how men try to get their ex-wives back? No. Are there sites on men bitching about how difficult women are? No. Are there bla3s of men's mistakes with women? No. There are none of these things, honestfuckingtruthfully, the double standard still stands, despite the so-called new age guy who is fighting off sexism, in one post he starts ranting about his neighbour who looks like a slut, btw he calls himself the open mind. The truth is new age men are sexists, just in a different shade, different mask. Just as there are different masks for justifying prejudice, race hate, ethnic bashing, over terms such as 'religion' justification, 'biological men vs. women' justification. Honestly ladies, you know that kind of man you call 'loser' you've seen them, you hate them, you make more money than them, you can change the lightbulb yourself thank you, fix the electricity, pump the gas, fill the air tyres, change the fucking tyres, you can do all of these things. Is it wrong for me to blame this on the essence of colonialism just as Ann Stoller? I wonder. If you're better than some men, isn't it obvious that people are created differently and thus equally dumb or equally intelligent? Amananta of Screaming Into the Void made an excellent article post is here


I mean honestly, there's no biological justification, no scientific fact, people have discredited that, have fought that back, have given numerous countless examples and still some idiot just says - its an evolutionary/biological fact, if that is so, its more than not easier to treat other races than white as animals, why? Because it is thought that the Australopithecus and the Neanderthalensis are two different distinct species, see? Australopithecus, ancestor of the Australian aborigines , the Melanesians, Negroids, Polynesians, etc etc, Neanderthalensis, ancestor of the Caucasian species, the Middle Easterners, the Europeans lalala and a host of other 'white' skin versus us, dark skinned. Honestly if this was true the intermarriage between the white and the dark would be a transgression of nature, an interspecies mistake. Like that between the Horse and the Donkey, or the Wolf, the Fox and the Dog, oh wait, or like the Cat mating with the Lion or the Tiger. I'm getting sick and tired of this relationship shit they keep feeding us with.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The big beautiful world

Sometimes, its easy to forget that the world is not as small as it is in our heads. That the world out there is so expansive and large that everything under the sun is so amazing. These series of Times photographs on spiritual healing can attest to that, http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1878443_1842226,00.html