Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Congratulations Australia!


Notice that they mention her marital status, well to be fair, male prime ministers and presidents who are not married are also criticized by right wingers, it makes no difference. However, as a politician one cannot help but have multiple skills in making everyone calm down. Sigh, the trials and tribulations of involving oneself in politics. But then, there you go, you're a politician the truth is you're landlocked and you have every worst obstacle about yourself in every way. In addition to that every other body part of your self is often scrutinized, whether your Hillary Clinton running for office, how ugly John Howard is, etc. Not everyone is as good looking as Barack Obama and get yourself hoodwinked. On other news...

A recent msn article by a certain idiot bio-sociologist, I couldn't find the article but apparently if you google 'taken men attractive' you'll find absolute loads. She argues that the reason why taken men seem attractive is because in the so-called period as neanderthals this would mean that our cave man/woman/insert here mentality would find that men who are taken are dependable etc. But honestly? It would seem like a tactic men might use as a means of screwing other women on the side. Apparently it also meant that they were great protectors yadda2, now my question is this, plain and simple. How the fuck does she know all this? I assume this is because she was recently unfrozen from a block of ice and ofcourse she automatically became an expert at cavemen mentality 'love'. The truth is ofcourse even bleaker than that, it has nothing to do with biology, what it does though is the fact that patriarchy enforces ideas on women that taken men are more sexually and emotionally viable than single men. Ofcourse, this also works vice versa with milfs and gilfs ahoy! It also works by the principle that the grass is greener on the other side...who after all does not want to imagine such things of what wonders that the forbidden fruit can offer?
Ironically...the forbidden fruit also brought suffering. Maybe, humans are sado-masochists, why not? La Douleur Exquise!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another Rainy Day

Things have gone a bad turn for me, thankfully I'm getting off unscathed (I think). I'm getting divorced and I don't talk to my mother. I hope things go out well. Other than that, on other issues around the world, I haven't taken the time to talk about the recent fiasco with British Petroleum. So far at which I recommend everyone take the time to read, the oil spill is still ongoing. Obviously mentions by government filled newspapers and any other forms of media, the situation is supposedly 'under control' What with the things that are going around on earth right now, with the huge crack somewhere in South America, I would have hoped that people would change their actions and ways. I am still on a semi-carbon diet, I don't ask for plastic bags anymore, I vehemently refuse if someone tries to give me a plastic spoon or fork although I think I should take this a little bit further by taking my own stuff when I want to take away food, like a container or something. I can't live without my computer off, hmm, that doesn't sound so promising although I did set it off to low performance. What astounds me still in the Beunri media is that they only tell people to turn off their water heaters when it's not in use. Hell, are we Rockefellers or something?! Shit, even Rockefeller was an extremely stingy person, so much so he installed a public coin phone at home so that his family, friends and workers couldn't call as they liked. But really, what have they been doing? Leaving it on all day long? People take what? one or two showers a day? Why is that thing on the whole day?!I cannot conceive of the things that we constantly do. And all this fuel for what? I took part as a volunteer for a Green Debate in my university as a water carrier LOL. Interestingly although the whole issue was 'Green' water bottles were used everywhere, what's wrong with water jugs or tap water? Although the issues were there it was hardly green, God knows why. Obviously it was a gimmick in part of shell, I'm not saying it's a bad thing, in fact it could be a good thing. Or am I too extreme? We need some green advisers that's for sure.