Thursday, November 19, 2009

Evil Slutopia - I like!

SO I found a hidden gem of a blog allright - its at - read and weep bitches! Another site I think people should read is this . So the lady at Evil Slutopia had taught her daughter to become a feminist, congratulations to her, I hope I can aspire that my own daughter can become like that too. The other problem is that some male idiots just can't SEE that young girls as young as 9 should be taught to SEE that there exists and lurks EVIL in the form of MEN. That MEN are EVIL (not all...MOST).

He thinks that the child is looking at skewed eyes, with a world where women are worshipped for their beauty and NEVER for their brains, where SEXISM is ABOUND AND where young MALE and FEMALE children are being kidnapped, raped, molested and murdered as young as an infant, what kind of an idiot mother would not show her child the HORROR of this world? To PROTECT them. Ridiculous, if you're not a mother just SHUT THE FUCK UP lah