Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kate & 8

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Actually, I've never liked Jon ever since I saw him. I thought he was a jerk to his wife the way he dropped sexist comments to her all the time. But seeing the world is a sexist world, all I see is that they highlight Kate's anger towards her husband and that she 'pushed' her husband to cheating (my GOD, he pushes her around with sexist comments you don't see HER cheating). I thought the way they displayed Kate was extremely unfair. I am a mother too with three small children and I too married young. And honestly, there are days where I feel like hitting my children just because to make them tougher. And people being people seem to like to blame mothers for everything. In the 50s they blamed mothers for making their sons homosexuals if they're too close to them (so what?).

They showed her as a selfish mother, she's not. Look she had eight kids so what? They said the same thing sending death threats to the OctoMom. They say wasting taxpayers' money, for what? For sixteen citizens? Don't you check facts? I'm not American and even I know that only a WHOPPING 5 PERCENT of taxpayers' money goes to welfare, you really want to get angry? Although I wold have to admit a lot of that anger stems from parents who might have lost their love ones through the unfair health system in America. But to blame Kate and OctoMom is a pretty easy way out. What they're angry and this is very obvious towards single mothers everywhere in America, is the fact that they're SINGLE MOTHERS. They're blamed because they didn't manage to hold on to MEN who are WORTHLESS except for their sperm in the FIRST PLACE.

I see the children, sure I 'kesian' (not a direct translation of the word pity haa), but that's that, one day they'll grow up and they'll be fine.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why women in this world are violently raped and treated

Late last year an article in Malaysia's Berita Harian (which the link disappeared!) talked about a couple with four children whose husband requested his wife undergo vaginoplasty. She commented that she felt hurt but she did go through with it. What wasn't told was that vaginoplasty actually minimizes a woman's sexual pleasure, so there, her husband gets to go heigh-ho on her while she just lies there with no feeling whatsoever. He 'neutered' her and took away any sexual desire that she may have. HE made her into an animal. And you're telling this story off hand as if they don't mean anything.

see this --->

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and you tell me if a woman is not considered human at all? These are days when I feel so bad about how much social pressure a woman has to go through to exist. If only and I hope to God, somebody would listen and realize that they're being taken advantage of, that they are actually RAPED (within which the person thinks it was consensual when actually it was not)that we have created a world in which we subjugate women to the role of animals that it has become normal.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Then and Now - What's the Difference?

In the 1950s there were books on women's etiquette. It was the years of Talcott Parsons, of fundamentalist theories of structuralism. These books often highlight the proper way in which to be a good wife. One of the tips if I could properly remember was about after cleaning up the house, making dinner and doing everything else in between the mother (and wife) should bathe the children and keep them in clean and smart clothes. They were after all 'jewels' and he should come home to see his 'perfect' family. Other things included 'don't nag, he has already had a hard time at work without you needing to prod and nag him, pick other times to speak of difficult subjects'. Think, Mona Lisa Smile (2003) where ladies most of them don't go off finishing their university degrees.

Beastly? Sexist? Outdated and Old-Fashioned? LOL, I found these TODAY on my MSN News

I quote one line 'Leaving Stuff Behind at His Place - Do This: "Forget" your necklace.
Leave behind a pretty, delicate piece of jewelry (such as a little gold necklace) and he'll think of you in similar terms every time he sees it.

Leaving Stuff at His Place

Not That: Leave a toothbrush in his bathroom.
An unsolicited toothbrush or other toiletry will give him the impression you're moving too fast — and may freak him out.'

Sounds familiar? I don't see anything from the section, let's see

doc love's answer
Hi Payn,

I’m sorry to hear about your past dating disasters. Let me explain something to you. Two things happen in a relationship: Like my cousin Fast Eddie Love from East L.A. says: “Either you break up, or worse, you get married.” Whoever gets out of the relationship first suffers less. So when you tell me that you went down in flames in your previous relationships, that indicates to me that you didn’t get rid of these girls -- they got rid of you. So what a guy should do is look at all of his relationships over the past two or three years -- all 10, 15 or 20 women he went out with -- and ask himself how many he dropped and how many times he was dropped. If you dumped all those women, or 18 out of the 20, then you don’t need my coaching.

When it comes to women, pushing too hard too early is the biggest problem that 90% of all the men out there have. Rather than relax and just enjoy themselves and let the woman set the pace, they push. They push themselves right out of the picture. To you Psych majors, when you invade a female’s comfort level, she feels pressured and she gets turned off. That’s when you hear those horrible words from her: “I need space!” At that point, of course, it’s already too late.

Either way, I feel like puking. Look at his advice, pull out quickly! dump as many as you like, They're THE ENEMY. Look at the women's messages - coax, be covert, subtlety, be subservient.

Oh btw, Cosmopolitan also says ' What to do in the event his penis fractures during sex'. AMAZING. How does a soft muscle tissue fracture like a bone exactly? I wonder where both these men and women go to school? The fuck and sex great school majoring in idiocy and stupidity? Congratulations MSN Dating and's dating and sex is in the top ten of dumbass :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our limited Choices

I was joining my aunt's YoVille,a game on facebook. I realized one thing. Isn't it obvious that the choices in which we have to pick ourselves male or female is limited? Hair for instance or eyes, face. What about body? What if people did not want to be thin? (there was only one choice, duh). Or short, or tall? Ofcourse its just a game. But a GAME that can be read as a text, a discourse. As cultural pointers of human expectations. We exist in a world that has its own taboos idiosyncracies. These taboos be it 'natural' as in being born with a challenge (definitely the idea of it as a challenge or not is subjective) or socially pushed has its effects on all of us. Our reality our perceptions everything, has been pulled down already every author every writer in the academic circles has talked about this. Derrida himself, who deconstructs absolutely everything has made it extremely difficult for our lives. And yet how is it that we have a problem reaching to the masses? Dear Anthropologists and Sociologists, no matter how hard we try to make people see every side of the coin. It seems at times that it is futile and painful. But (sigh) it has to be done, we have to reach the masses after all.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

conceiving sexuality

Now that I have a bit of time to blog. I want to talk about Lori L. Heise's essay in the edited book conceiving sexuality. I would have to say, it was very good work. She asked the question it is not that we should be talking about 'manliness' or 'womanliness' and all that these things are rooted in biology. Or that 'boys will be boys' but rather to ask the questions, 'what causes masculine behaviour'? And what social constructions that have allowed them to behave like so? It is amazing when we work past and I understand this is all due to postmodernist discourse (by not taking it too far, yeah Dr. M, I get it ). I am just perpetually amazed at how simple and easy everything is. And it equally saddens me that we actually allow such actions to be construed meaninglessly. Get back to the drawing board and think more :) Btw, is it possible to look at masculinity via the way we train children? I know Kimball did excellent although I find sadly unfinished work concerning it.