Monday, April 20, 2009

I just wanted to talk about Cinta Indah

At least, in Brunei or anywhere around Southeast Asia, a female writer with opinions will not be harrassed with hatemail, although I am not sure how long this will continue considering the fact that men are getting more and more patriarchal. Who would have thought that the West places so much pressure so much censorship on women. I was browing in the Daily Mail, I know it was complete crap but I just wanted to read what was so interesting that made people clamor over it. First and foremost, the articles are judgemental and show only a one sided view. Secondly, believe it or not, extremely sexist, honestly as bad as Malay Asia is with its ideas of 'No matter how high a woman may go, the kitchen is where she will end up in...', I don't think that applies to the upper middle class nor the upper class, say as they like. I cannot imagine living in such pressure bombarded and supported with something as flippant as 'biological fact'. Ignoring the implications of interpreting such data to their favour. Okay, this was what the article was about, who is healthier? Women or men? They concluded men because, 'Although women live longer, men enjoy better health because they have lesser pain,'. Not to mention the fact that society kind of pushes women into high heeled shoes to become presentable or edgy at work, not to be made fun of, suffer from back and hip pain because of. What's the difference exactly from Old China's bounded feet girls? I mean the pain is translatable, the reality is that. No matter how hard they want to push the agenda of the 'other' as being completely volatile towards women, the Occident treats women as badly and just as worst. No plus or minus about that.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about Cinta Indah, what with my amahs throwing things at the television set and getting angry about a woman named Indah in Astro Aruna. She suffers continuously and life is a complete bitch for her, and she's so patient, and when push comes to shove she just sits on the floor and cries. In reality, Indonesian women, even my maids, get pissed off over this girls' inability to counteract and survive. The maids come from rural or suburban areas, they knew how to survive in this world and they try hard to negotiate with it, along comes this weakling named Indah who just cries if shit happens. The representation the media then cannot be taken as the full reality. They are a separate reality altogether, duh.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just to push the last point on the white standard of beauty

As I said, there are not much black or Asian models, further proof that says no matter how hard you work for something, you'll never cut it, people like to tell you lies :)

(Although, some things are worth fighting for)

although I have to say much of the criticism comes from black models who have made it I find it hard for Asian women to 'make' it, they have a larger audience that scrutinizes them harder, often if an Asian woman is considered beautiful like Lucy Liu, some Chinese lady would say, if she's in Singapore she wouldn't even be considered attractive (which is true considering they like white skin and Caucasian features, not all mind you). Asian women do have a harder time considering that most are shorter than Caucasians and Blacks.