Thursday, August 20, 2009


A very good article that I've found talking about how much of the stuff that we buy we don't really need or use at all. All that excess and waste. I'm not a religious person myself but I think I would have to agree with the pope that excessive wealth is a sin. Not just spiritually but financially, emotionally, psychologically and everything else in that bandwagon.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dibo the Gift Dragon

Given that I have the opportunity to watch closely how children are socialized and I believe at some points and some parts I almost have the power to control what the children think and feel at this point. It becomes obvious that gender assignation between femininity and masculinity in childhood is so strongly reinforced, thus producing children with the ability to see the world in those said eyes. Although the world of children are not made up entirely of television, nevertheless they contain bits and pieces of the mechanism that helps children to 'understand' the world. Added to that formula, the prejudices of teachers and parents too make up a child's perception. However, this could work on the opposite case for instance myself and a friend of mine who had a mother and an aunt respectively who were extremely prejudiced (my mother prejudiced and sexist, her aunt xenophobic) whereas herself and myself turned out exactly the opposite, and its not even about 'revenge' at all or 'acting out' (its possible as well to assign such symptoms to women, this is because in the Asian and Muslim world women are considered half of a man, or an incomplete man).

In this case I wanted to talk about Dibo the Gift Dragon. Fascinatingly, there are only two female characters in Dibo the Gift Dragon, Annie and Bunny. Annie in the theme song was 'I'm Annie, I'm kind and I love to cook'. The 'other' female was Bunny, she is the archetypal 'bitchy woman' who stands up for herself and love to make herself pretty, on the other hand Annie (who incidentally is the only human rag doll) only wishes to help others and is very well-liked. For one thing, Bunny is a pink doll, I'm not sure why she is not any other color but its obvious that pink is associated with frivolous womanhood whereas in Annie's case she wears a chef top hat (constantly) and an apron and is constantly cleaning up for everyone else including Bunny (the rest of the cast is an all male cast). In addition to that the clever and the stupid characters are male. Even in this childrens' show it seems that there is already a delineation of the sexes and apparently the spectrum of womanhood is only two, the bitchy Bunny and the subservient Annie.

Chopping up female body parts

What makes youth equal to beauty? Has anyone ever wondered that?
I had a cousin who thought that he hates Fergie because for him she looks old and wrinkly. In my opinion I thought Fergie was smashing. He explained (not to stereotype gay men) that gay men generally believe that looking wrinkly is OUT OF THE QUESTION!Why is there an obsession of youth and equalizing it with beauty? What happens when women and men become older? Are they less attractive? Do they not deserve sexual or emotional gratification? The odd thing with this is that there is a new market for the 'Slutty granny' and the 'Dirty Old Bastard' type of fetish pornography. This in turn sexualizes mainly older women rather than old men (but in turn shows that they are ahem virile).

Lets look at a few examples from North America (the U.S.) and Europe.

Note that Dame Judi Dench and Maggie Smith kept their wrinkles whereas I assume Cher would be in the same age group as Judi Dench is sans wrinkles, so is Goldie Hawn who looks fifty rather than sixty.

Including this parody of womenhood in a anti-WYSIWYG kind of tagline

And also,

Is it noticeable that the object of focus is womenhood MUST = to BEAUTY. Whereas Older Women are considered 'Stale' 'Uninviting', "Not Sexually Appealing'. And yet Judi Dench was hailed as sexually appealing by Adam Brody.

But why stop there?

Why is it necessary for womenhood to be equivalent to sexuality? Whenever womenhood are bereft of it (Note: The Hottie and the Nottie) it is considered a social stopper. Why? Is it possible that this form of thinking (thank you radical feminists) have somewhat stopped women from becoming wholly and completely in an equal standing with men?

I rest my case

Monday, August 10, 2009

Futurama Forever

Why do I like Futurama?

Simple. Its stupid. Its crazy. Its extremely intelligent. I let my kids watch it. After the death of the Simpsons Matt Groening created Futurama. To compare either one of them I would of course, much to the consternation of the world around me. Vote for Futurama.


Well, The Simpsons could get a bit dry from time to time. Marge can get annoying. Homer the dumb redneck whose not even a redneck, the emblem of what's wrong with America and yet time and again he shocks his viewers with his kindness, etc. etc. Then there's Bart, what's there to say about Bart? Of course I love Lisa, she and I share a lot of traits excepting the fact that she's concentrated with science rather than social sciences. We both like Jazz. Then there's Maggie suckling on her pacifier and the fact that Marge can just leave Maggie alone (weird, as a Mom, weird). And the denizens of Springfield. Who would have thought that Skinner is not the real Skinner? (which I admit was one of the most shocking facts of The Simpsons). Sigh.

But Futurama?

I don't know. There's spaceships, stupidity, a female captain, a drunkard/bastard robot, a dumb Fry, the insane professor, the rastafarian bureaucrat, zap brannigan, the extremely wealthy asian, the jewish crab (Go Zoidberg!). Plus it boggled my brains out when earth got sucked into itself repeatedly.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

why do you haunt me so?

Honestly, and most truthfully, if a man who looks like this passed me by. I would literally shut down keep quiet, act stupid and fall madly erratically in love and get my heart broken at the same time. Why is it so acceptable for a man to sing songs of love for a woman whom he does not know and does not understand and yet when a woman does so she is scorned to pieces? And why is it so wrong for a woman to pursue a man and yet when a man does so it is perfectly allright? These I suppose are one of the many discrepancies that haunt the Muslim world, and by proxy the whole world thereafter. Fatimah Az Zahra asked for the hand of Ali ibn Talib. Khadijah for the hand of Muhammad s.a.w. And yet today, ask any Muslim woman if she intends to chase for her lover. I suppose not. And yet this one tugs my heartstrings. If only if only ;). Yutaka Takenouchi if you read this and if by some chance miracle (hahaha!) you are worthy of emotional, physical and psychological worship. I suppose when God made this one They made sure that he looked like providence. And honest to God, it I think this one 'mandi bunga'lah!