Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ploy, Sunday Morning & Frank's Social Stratification

I rarely talk about movies in my blog. Rarely...just to show that I have an impeccable taste in art as well I'm going to talk about Ploy. Now, this movie as is the case with most art films, is always good. I know, critics, critics bla bla bla, some critics found idiotic movies like High School Musical to be fantastic. Honestly, it was...I'd give it 7 out of 10, 3 out of the 7 to the wonderful sexual tension caused by the bartender and the maid and the 4 to the wife. The husband lacked powerful acting but honestly the ending was reminiscent about most movies that have at least an artistic or ironic edge to it, the bite of murder which is extremely out of the ordinary. Now, I've seen a lot of movies, hell, I did a course on movies. It reminded me of Fargo, when they slipped the dead body into the wood chopper and the seemingly contrasting cool pregnant policewoman, then it reminded me of the American remake (don't remember the name right now...) the Departed. And last but not least it made me feel the way I felt when the Banquet didn't deliver my freakin ending. My sister was like, oh its great its for you to decide who it was. I don't like that, that just pisses me off. In the tradition of art movies like Akira Kurosawa, the Banquet was beautiful. The blood spattering everywhere was fantastic, it wasn't as slow as others complained, it gave a wonderful stop like Kurosawa, a slowing down to reach the climax. I understand these kinds of tantric directors, it makes the climax all the more sweeter. Pen-Ek Ratanaruang was good, but I have yet to touch on other movies he 's made, therefore not much of a judgement. Ananda Everingham, although absolutely delicious to look at was too white in contrast to the sensual Lalita Panyopas. In contrast to a series of bad movies Thailand has made, Ploy certainly delivered. I remember, Ghost Delivery, which was bad, and after the Queen of Sukhotai there were a series of bad legendary movies. Nang Nak...not really my thing the storyline was good I did get freaked out but...the graphics were bad. Sometimes, sometimes light shines at the end of the road and even movies with extremely bad graphics can pull through because of the beauty of the acting and the ingenuity of the storyline. Is it that Wit and Tum are exploring sex through Ananda and Lalita? Or was it Wit and Ploy? I love Asian movies, they're the crust of Asian society, the Hong Kong film industry has certainly flopped in their number of movies, most disgust me to the core. What a waste of talent, it has been years since Hong Kong has produced movies worth watching. But that's not just yet, the Malaysian film industry is the worst of the worst, the only thing worth seeing is the Sepet series by Yasmin Ahmad, the famed Petronas advertisements which always breaks my freaking heart. And from Indonesia, aside from all the pop movies, so far I've liked Berbagi Suami. Good God, Mat Rempit was bad, so bad. Don't even mention Erra Fazira and Yusri's acting, horrible, extremely horrible, I would have to be bound and gagged to watch it at all. In addition to that the Mami Jarum series by the Films Professor who made himself the hero...its really sad. Now I look forward to Korea, they have produced so far a number of very good movies, one of them, Everybody Has Secrets, is still one of my favourites. It was a comedy admittedly but it also reflected a side of Asia nobody dares explore, SEX. Asian film industry, save me because honestly all I've been watching is American primetime series.(except Heroes, prisonbreak & Lost, I SO don't watch those). I think if mainland China can find other actresses besides the talented Zhang Ziyi, we'll have a winner, they've been producing very good down to earth movies, a good balance of art and life.

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