Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simulacra and Simulation

It seems to me, re-watching the Matrix trilogy, something was amiss when I read a couple of blog posts that Baudrillard and Christianity are strange bedfellows. I couldn't disagree more, perception that is argued by Baudrillard has become hallmark of postmodernist theory clearly apparent in modern thought, deconstruct, annihilate. Although it has some of its uses, but as I said, it relates to the previous post of deconstructing semanticity, and as they say there is nothing new under the sun. What I need to touch between the hallmark of philosophy on the one hand and reality on the other, is the lack of relativity. This is the language of the literati, the elite, the knowledged ones. But they are not, as I echo today's lecture by Prof. Walker, in relation whatsoever to the heterodox, homogenous common belief of every human being on this planet. So much for revealed truths, the simulacrum is true. If so - what? It does not benefit the lower masses, it does not touch the edges of society. You tell a poor man, woman or child, you don't need this, this is futile whatever signs that you make is useless and needless. Do you think they care to believe you? Desire is a more potent answer to all these things. The desire to seek the truth, the desire to acquire something new, the desire to own, to master, to have power. They are sporadic existences of humanity that have managed to attain their so-called Nirvana, they are free from those chains - but the rest? They are still chained by desire, however strongly we could always look towards asceticism and the abandon of the world, I could say modern nihilism has much to do with past nihilism, just because you prepare different labels for it does not necessarily mean that its totally and completely different. And if you take Baudrillard's word for it, it doesn't mean anything, you attach those meanings to it. Although I could agree, that with the power of without the need of attaching meaning you could definitely see the world at a different view in fact a more peaceful, almost giving view. Thanks Jun for this new line of thought to be explored - Juburmu Itam :)

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