Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Atheist

I have not logged for a long time, since April and I want to make up for it. A little bit anyway. I was thinking and thinking and sometimes I notice that it became necessary to speak in terms of another language but this as I have said I talked about in deconstructing semanticity. At certain points of my life I start to think about things and I do realize that we as humans are constantly in control by governments surrounding us. We are in absolute terms of thought despite individual share of means in our heads and in our hearts. When we propose to believe in something else we are accused of atheism of straying the wrong path. For what? For why? I think often that there are reasons behind certain actions and I tell you this. Always, always examine their purposes and what they gain. There must be something that they will gain by, they say they believe in God but is this true? What is it that they're after? And why are they controlling people's lives? From the moment of our birth to the day we die, they want something from you, and I will tell you what. First of all, they want power, it is a very basic and base thing to desire. Then it is about money and wealth, things that could buy you power, it can be translated and it can be useful not only for those holding that wealth but others who surround it. And thirdly, the most simple is ofcourse, desire. Desire for all of these things. I'm still thinking about that meaning of desire and why. Simpler explanations exude cultural and social factors are the cause. But I think I must go deeper than that. Laters then.

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