Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The race for the next P.U.S.A (President of USA)

I was reading Times and Newsweek, littered this June for the upcoming race between Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barrack Obama. Once (McCain) seemed like the presidential candidate from H.E.L.L. The thing about politics is that he makes it sound so nice, so innocent so gullible that many people actually overlook his 'evil'. One of the writers mentioned something about why Iran themselves would wish someone like McCain to be the next PUSA, he seems evil, he sounds evil, hell, he even looks evil (think Nixon, Bush, Reagan, Clinton - don't they seem evil to you? You can say the same thing about Lenin, Stalin and Hitler too! Republicans on the general though do have the tendency to look evil... like Skeletor) Why? Well then the Iranians could go on bombing themselves out of frustrations, look! points the mullahs (who also look evil btw) evil PUSA! bomb yourselves! If Barrack wins, a PUSA who listens, understands, no drama here, quietly sit on the table negotiate, talk, resolve problems (although I also read that Barrack won't negotiate but nevertheless, he has the image of negotiable), the Iranians could start looking at themselves and realize the deep shit that they are in, so does Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine who are all on the same boat (problems problems, drama drama). I notice one thing that was a common thread for the USA and these areas in the middle east (drop in Lebanon and Syria in there too!), the constant need for drama. I mean look at the youtube presidential race ads, they sound like the BurgerKing versus McDonalds ads - DRAMA! I knwo something about drama, my family itself is riddled with the constant need for drama, I am left bewildered and thinking- probably realizing. Do these people actually believe what they are saying when they say all those horrible things that they believe in? Why do they constantly have an addiction towards ethnocentrism and whats the other phrase? Holier than Thou attitude.
High horse, higher horse.
I'll tell you something about the Muslim attitude, from an ethnographic perspective, there is a division of understanding between the middle class attitude (take this in I said middle class attitude and education - middle class is aplenty in Brunei but this doesn't necessarily coincide with better education - ref. Americanos) and that of the regular attitude. Just as the American politicians scare the Born Again Christian Americans the equal amount can be seen, not through regular Islamic state controlled education but rather the vernacular common belief people say. Take the late Saddam Hussein, sure he was a Muslim, but he gassed Kurds, killed Sunnis aplenty and altogether not a nice guy, but because of the label, 'Muslim' other Muslims think of him as some sort of a 'hero' for standing up to the big man of PUSA (on the contrary, SH has received support from PUSA before George Bush Sr. got pissed at him for using his arms elsewhere rather than exclusively gassing Kurds and Sunnis (hahaha this is so funny!) The same can be said about the rest of the so-called Muslim leaders who always always automatically label you as 'murtad' or excommunicated for realizing 'hey, this doesn't sound islamic-ish...why ah?'. Their role as religious leaders + secular politicians = complete control of power because they control the realm of the spiritual guidance as well as the realm outside of religion. E-mails are sent left and right thinking that this is the right thing to do, the right thing to say (photos of Palestinians who are maimed and murdered - mind you, Palestinians are Muslims, Christian AND Jews, the same goes for the Israelis, this is not a religious struggle as many Muslims would say but rather a political struggle, who gets the most gets the more power). Sure, the Palestinians need to be protected but they also need the equal awareness that this is a political struggle, not a religious one. Leave religion out of this, isn't it enough that you have it spiritually? Must you maim murder others for religion even children? There you go the Holier than Thou attitude, thinking already they have one foot in Paradiso.

Drama drama. Could it possibly be because there's too many dramas on TV that people are acting as the dramas themselves? It's like stereotyping from hell, the crazy PUSA, the mullah driven only for his own interests, the less educated mindset following like robots?

Aside from that and personally, I would like Sen. Barrack Obama to win, why? Because he will be the most good looking PUSA America has ever had.

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