Sunday, August 17, 2008

The trick is in the eyes

The ugly ones are REAL women and the beautiful ones are the LADYBOYS

I was scourging for bodyshapers, don't ask me why I thought it might help me with my thrice operated mommy tummy. I felt sorry for myself I thought but what we women don't realize is the fact that there are billions of women surrounding us who are just like us, who have the same problems no matter how fat or how thin they are, they will never ever become as beautiful as Thailand's ladyboys. I think at that point you could understand how powerful it is to become a lesbian woman, but sadly this is not the case for non-politically correct NY, USA depictions of lesbian harmony. You still have to contend with the fact about butch women + femme = regular heterosexual couple (for this we have to refer to even Asian levels of social roles and its expectations etc etc.), what women do NEED is a great sense of humour. I have heard all the stories of men being extremely prejudiced and sexist against women, they're stories that are like staple food for women. Sure sure Ive had people telling me I shouldn't focus much on labels, labels mean nothing and I'm sure they're right because I believe so too sometimes, it could be our conditioning of reality that we perceive the way we want to perceive it (or the things that they taught us to want). what's sad was the fact that women feel so alone, so unwanted while men? I don't know some people say they should be pitied more because they are socially conditioned to believe that they do not need support? Not feel wanted? What pushes us women to WANT to be wanted and loved anyway in the first place? Look, my point is men look better than women when they're women they look better than women, I vote for us women to make our own country and tell the fuckers to fuck off ( :) ) and if they want to fuck fuck each other, that's what men are made for ;)

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que said...

Sexism is even more apparent in the media. While late night shows like Letterman, Leno, and others make fun of then presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton and the now VP candidate, Sarah Palin, they dare not attempt the same manner towards Barak Obama. This seem to me that they would rather be seen as sexist then racist. Evidently because McCain is also not excluded from their bashing. But why is that? is society more accepting towards sexist then racist? Though the history of America would argue yes. But if yes, then is it exclusive to blacks?

On different note, if I was able to vote, then my vote would go to Hillary (if she was still in the running). Simply because, I know is great that a 1st black American man could potentially become the President. History in the making as that is, at the end of the day, he is still a man. With man mentality and ego. I would like to see for the first time how woman would run the world. Face it, it can be any worse... or can it? A friend said then the world would turn pink. I'm all for it, as long as the economy is good, relative peace is achieved, and the environment and climate is in acceptable conditions.Then by all means turn the damn place pink.