Monday, August 10, 2009

Futurama Forever

Why do I like Futurama?

Simple. Its stupid. Its crazy. Its extremely intelligent. I let my kids watch it. After the death of the Simpsons Matt Groening created Futurama. To compare either one of them I would of course, much to the consternation of the world around me. Vote for Futurama.


Well, The Simpsons could get a bit dry from time to time. Marge can get annoying. Homer the dumb redneck whose not even a redneck, the emblem of what's wrong with America and yet time and again he shocks his viewers with his kindness, etc. etc. Then there's Bart, what's there to say about Bart? Of course I love Lisa, she and I share a lot of traits excepting the fact that she's concentrated with science rather than social sciences. We both like Jazz. Then there's Maggie suckling on her pacifier and the fact that Marge can just leave Maggie alone (weird, as a Mom, weird). And the denizens of Springfield. Who would have thought that Skinner is not the real Skinner? (which I admit was one of the most shocking facts of The Simpsons). Sigh.

But Futurama?

I don't know. There's spaceships, stupidity, a female captain, a drunkard/bastard robot, a dumb Fry, the insane professor, the rastafarian bureaucrat, zap brannigan, the extremely wealthy asian, the jewish crab (Go Zoidberg!). Plus it boggled my brains out when earth got sucked into itself repeatedly.

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