Saturday, September 1, 2007


Incidentally, (duh), the highest rates of female infanticide occur in India and China where they are both patrilineal and patriarchal within their social and family structure, coincidentally, they are also both the highest producers of human beings in the world. The world is swarmed by Chinese and Indian immigrants, brought by white slave traders or in search of a better world. Abortion on the other hand, is the right for every female to decide whether they want the child or not, but how far and what limit should abortion be allowed? And when limitations exist for abortions the problem arises to the fact that the rich will get away aborting their female children while the poor will be prosecuted for aborting their children. Coming from a family where abortion is okay (my mother had one after me), prior to unplanned pregnancies I have also considered abortion in every stratum, don't mistake me, I am not like other women, I don't care if it stretches me to oblivion I love children very very much, but what I am very much concerned about is my family, who dislikes children. But as the bad sheep I had all three of my children anyway, thank you, and the comments and criticisms that come alongside it, please, if you're not paying for my kids' welfare so why don't you just fuck off. Where was I? Oh, yes, the problem with India is that religious rites are performed by a male heir, unlike some cultures that there needs to be a Male Heir certain mechanisms has been created to allow the religious rites to be performed, for example, Ghost Marriages, Woman-Woman marriage (not a lesbian marriage), and Adoption. But for a high culture civilization such as India I am troubled that they did not have such mechanisms to counteract the problem of excessive patriarchy and gender infanticide. The same also goes for China where female children are abandoned. Why is it in such and such societies excessive infanticide exists? Can anyone consider? Where is the border between pro-choice and crazed gender infanticide? It seems that feminism is getting a bite in the ass, don't get me wrong, Im a feminist at heart but the problem remains the same, in the salvaging way to fight off being controlled from abortion we in return are being set back by patriarchy who has used our means of controlling our bodies. One step forward, is a million steps back. Oh btw Id like to add, a doctor who read my old blog said I had anger issues, and he said that there are other people who are worst off than me. I don't get it, I'm talking about other people aren't I? I'm angry for other people, and at least I am blogging here so people can understand the issues that are happening in the world.

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