Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Male Sexual Object

Recently I got obsessed with a particular actor, namely, he was naked most of the time and in my defense I get weak knees for beautiful men. Its a phase I know, remember that Dom phase I had when I was pregnant with Edward, gosh the kid ended up looking like Dom din't he? Nowadays I look at Dom and cringe, he is UGLY. I'm pretty sure I'd be bored of Ananda Everingham sooner or later as is the R.I.Ps of my past, Orlando Bloom, Ari Wibowo, Kam Woo Seong, Ahmad Dhani, to name a few. Ooh, Gale Harold, recently I saw him and I thought, that was what I was drooling after? Yuck. Men = Sexual Meat, Yummy, Ramassable, Lovely, Meaty, Oh so sexy and as is a lot of beautiful people, extremely shallow but hey, you can't have everything, there's a reason why I'm ugly and that shit is HOT, man, I'm waiting to see hi movie where he ends up as a prostitute. Honestly, I'd love to have one of His babies :D

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