Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain vs. Obama - again 'why the fuck does McCain scare me'

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I don't and won't understand at all if the Americans do decide to vote for McCain and label Obama with very flimsy excuses such as 'Muslim' (what's wrong with that I thought America was a liberal country :P), Black (woohoo, often on forums I see, 'I'm not being racist or anything but he's a liar) a liar of what exactly? And McCain is an honest person? HAHAHAHHAHA He sounds like the candidate from Hell, I've said it once and I'll say it again, if McCain becomes America's next president (I don't think this is impossible, oddly the Thais can outseat their Prime Minister with a bloodless coup but Americans don't do that do they? So smart rite? In addition, Bush did it come on it'll happen again!). I'm being pessimistic and sad about this actually I could cry because true enough if McCain is president its the end of America as anyone knows it.


Md said...

McCain scares me as well and so does his running mate. At first I thought it was a stroke of genius when Palin was picked but after hearing her views, nope, no way. She sounded like Bush more then McCain does and considering she is only a heart attack away from the presidency, please don't vote McCain!.

I have reservation about Obama as well. He is a great debater and public speaker but is he just that. Being a 2 term senator, he hasn't showed enough experience for me to be the president. Then again the same can be said for Reagan and he turn out to do well.

I was sad that Hillary lost in the primaries. Bill was a great president and I think she has the experience and knowledge couple with Bill's help would've been a wonderful president.

I think her flaw was not taking Obama's campaign seriously enough until it was too late.

And Biden is a great choice as VP. Too good in fact i thinking why isn't he the president. No contest to Palin.

Yes, the issue surrounding his name, Barrack Hussein Obama, does create a lot of negativity. People are saying he is muslim in secrecy. But he's not he was batiste and have been of christain faith. But the real question is, what's wrong with being a muslim president? Like you said I thought America was liberal enough to except that. Hypocrites?

Obama win will usher in a new era in America where minorities can dream bigger then the usual entertainment and sports. Equality can finally achieve. But evidently in race only not in gender which still has a long way to go.

America wanted to impeach Bill for getting a blow job but they refuse to do so to Bush in spite that he killed innocence Iraqis and Afghanis, initiated an illegal war, put America in debt and the economy in recession. At least Hitler did for power, Bush does it for money and with a smile.

Is the America ready for a black president? why not? cause they just had a retarded one.

Md said...

I seriously need someone to proof read my comments before posting. Mistakes galore.

liyanat said...

LOL, I guess you're glad now that Obama won :) cheers and lets hope nobody assasinates him otw. What with American presidents having the tendency for that to occur (read Lincoln). I hope he will change the world

Md said...

I don't think he (Obama) will be assassinated. At least I hope not. But Joe Biden is not a bad stand in if that happens.

But you know who my real first choice pick for president was? Not Obama nor Hillary. It's Dr Ron Paul. The 10 term congressman from Texas.

Yes he was a republican. Some say with his liberal view should've been on the democratic side.

They (Americans) really lost it on this one. I don't think he will run again in 2012 or onwards.

He is advocating for smaller government, non-interference foreign policy, get rid of inflation and tax inflation, true universal health care and much more. Instead of going to war, he say lets trade with them.

He had true solutions instead of the ambiguous "I'll make changes, spread the wealth, make America stronger" political crap they all preaching. When he (Ron Paul) is asked he'll tell you in detail how he is going to do it.

He is also the only who admitted America was attacked on 9-11 because of "Blow back", not they hate our freedom shit that Bush and other candidates was and is saying.

He should've been President. He should've run independent. Love to see him and Obama debate. Well shoulda, woulda, coulda. It's all history now.