Saturday, November 15, 2008

The world is a-changing and I'm right in the middle of it

Hell, gone were the days when the words hell and damn were considered rude (lol) but that doesn't mean gone are the days when people are fighting so hard and trying so damn much to put it right back to its place. Right now I'm sitting in a country where its neighbours issued a fatwa to ban against yoga (hahahahaha how intelligent can you be? Issuing a fatwa like that when there are about 2 billion Moslems who are frickin broke and need your help? Wow great blinder there!) As is with most political systems it is obvious that the whole course behind such said actions are ofcourse Malaysia's fear for UMNOs potency. UMNO has lost its potency and it needs Viagra (read PAS and the fatwa issuers) to maintain ahigh rate of votes. Just as Obama and McCain fought in the swing territories over the most orthodox Christians of the South the Malaysians are doing the same tactic as Bush, win em over with religion. Having to depend on a large vote from Sabah and Sarawak to win the recent elections it doesn't come to much surprise that it needs to boost sales in the Malay Muslim department. Tomboys? Cut hair and pants? I'm a mother of three, I'm 23 years old and I married early (I'm such a frickin slut but who doesn't love fucking?) I have never had long hair, why? It makes me look fat besides my husband liked me because of my short hair. I like to wear pants, but sometimes I like to wear skirts, I like lesbian porn, does that count? But in reality I turn my head around if there's a guy I think is hot I don't turn around if there's a hot woman I'd probably have a tendency to stab her face over envy. therefore, the argument does not hold. Besides, haven't all of us Muslims ever learned from history at all? Fatwas change and they change over time, over different spaces and over different regions, to fit any political agenda that they needed to justify. The Muftis know this more than anyone else (if not why send them to Al-Azhar?) They're committed to know this fact and they come back to shove it with power. What comes with the fatwa? Money. Prestige. And all that jazz. They don't do it for God (hahahahahahaha!) they don't do it for women. They do it for themselves to enlarge the pool of sexual must-haves, and money and political prestige and blablabla. Its as simple as that, people never ask why such and such is being said. But problems occur and people would want to know why, such said Muslims for example never ask why such and such women prefer women than men look at the demographics a high percentage of divorce, a low percentage of rights, yadda yadda yadda. Who in their right mind would want a position within the social structure so subservient? Interpretations have been challenged, women have education (one of the reasons why the Taliban won't allow women to go to school, I suppose if they're right then Muhammad the prophet must be lying about everyone should get an education) and with education comes power. And that is what is feared by the said Islamic sections (not all mind you), they go about and declare everyone irreligious and apostate as they like as if they alone own religion as if they alone control the voice of God, and they alone can interpret the words of the Lord. Doesn't this sound familiar? It has passed for the Christians, only the priests had had access to the Lord, to forgive to live, to be religious. And the reason why they hated Muslims was because Islam cut out the middleman so that every person could reach God (protestants did the same thing) and over time the strength of the Islamic church grows stronger and stronger. What we need is some sort of Protestant Islam, we need to cut out the middle man, but it would take too much time, too much bloodshed. And I wonder why, why is this all necessary, to fight for ones faith over God? Shouldn't God be a private matter? After all doesn't one die alone? My answer is yes, you do - die alone.

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