Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kinship and Love

At times, sociologists ignore the root of the matter, I know its all about looking at the big picture, but sometimes, these kinds of topics are fit for psychologists to interpret. For a long time now, what humanity does is never a cause for concern, people just seemed to look at things as if they are there and take it for granted, they never realize how important it is and how much it could shape the whole of society together. There have been two proponents that argued how society was shaped, the first is of course Radcliffe-Browne with his structuralist functionalism, everything happens because they're meant to be, and the second which at times I wonder if he's right, by Malinowski's psychological functionalism. Marxists think that the world is controlled by money and the economy, both are actually arguing about the same thing, and we could go back to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. The basic needs of man will inturn lead to higher things, and when man becomes base, they take into action their basic desires.

How about Love?

Sometimes people say that their lust is love, but its not true, I dont know what the flying fuck I'm talking about

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