Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The payment gap in gender

Before I start I would like to thank David Santos, never realized there were people out there who liked what I was saying, and I would like to thank everybody else too who has commented in my blog and gave their own two cents', three cents', worth. I would like to refer to a recent article that I was reading, in fact about several, one is this and the other one is this , which I thought was a very well-written commentary. I never realized or knew that women were still lagging on payment behind men even up to the entertainment industry, and this I thought, was offensive. It meant that the strides of womanhood was still limited, and ofcourse the value of women's work is globally considered as being second to that of men's work. But this as the lady of 'Screaming the Void' adds, is a result of the dichotomy between women themselves and I cannot help but agree with her. This is definitely true wherever the sphere of existence rules us, it has been with us since the dawn of time and that was what I found so deeply disturbing. But on a tackling note of historians and historiography we could apply the deconstruction of history itself, the most, history was recorded during the Renaissance, which in more ways than one, could have been a selective process resulting from Christianity and their commitment to putting males ahead. History is selective it pulls together what it wants to depict and nothing could be more true than the history that we live with up until today. The world is viewed through the eyes of men and not women, the women have remained silent and they have remained locked behind doors unable to commit themselves to a better situation. Feminism has its points when it claims that women are being divided into different spheres in order for us to be divided and not united. There are several implications of class that constitute themselves within the 'act' of gender. When I say 'act' I mean to say that gender itself has become an act and not merely a term we use as a description. No longer is gender deconstructed but rather, gender is constructed continously and repeatedly through the way we view the world from our social interactions and (an easy scapegoat) the media. Women are being continously bombarded and disfigured to fit the preconceptions of what womenhood should be through male eyes.

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