Friday, January 4, 2008

The incentive of religion

Has anybody of a right mind realized that religion is a great incentive for men but not for women? Let's take Christianity for example, do you realize that women are born into this world tainted with sin? Maybe that is why I never made that cross towards Christianity, because God sure knows if I did, automatically I'd be paying for the sins of Eve. And for the other start I think Islamic rationality has been perpetrated by Christian theology and St. Augustine, so much so that it's beginning to sound a bit like Jahiliyyah. So much, that it seems having a female child is a burden than a blessing. How many Islamic theologists expound it like so? Even Imam Al Ghazali was not lost from the raptures when he mentioned women are like animals shrouded with the face of humanity so as men could copulate with them. Let me explain to you, I was born into this world without a choice. I was not given that choice to become male or female. Why are certain things so-called 'forbidden' for me, but allright for men? I did not make this choice, God chose it for me. Why are you treating my sex like animals? Answer me, why am I subjected into this second gender slavery? I eat, I cry, I feel pain and I also have joy. Then why am I lesser than a human being?? Why are men the highest of the high? I thought God was fair, but maybe God is fair that is why He has placed me among you idiots. You use God as a tool inciting him to bring fear as if he is always at your side. Have you not thought for once, that He is my God too? I'm fucking pissed. Anyway, I want a potluck party next week, be warned girls

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