Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Racism again

I was reading around and I came across a very interesting issue which has not been resolved. I am sure the world is still reeling over the death of Benazir Bhutto, corrupt or not, it at least serves as proof that Muslims in general are not the enemies of whatever entity. It just so happens that some Muslims believe that they should go with terrorism, albeit how stupid they seem that is their business. Some Christian communities ask why are not many Muslims protesting against this? I protest this all the time, many authors have protested against terrorism, racism, prejudice, sexism. But these are after all voices in the dark compared to the higher stronger voices of hatred that are prevalent within the society of man. I wonder why weren't there many Christians protesting and helping the Irish Protestants a few years back? Instead the American government actually supported Northern Ireland's sanctions. Well, that is your issue to contend. Back to the racism that I wanted to talk about.

I read a couple few backdated newspapers and was quite surprised that the racism in South Africa is still largely prevalent. I did a paper on Malaysian racism but it wasn't as seriously as rampant as the one evident in South Africa. My question is this, I have no wonder why both sides of black and white have been swindling and hurting each other. There have been many black people who have attacked white people and white people hurting black people left, right and centre. So I think it should be fair. What I don't think is fair is the fact that both these sides hate each other and in the act of retaliation, serve to continually perpetuate the initial hatred. I lie in a world full of hate I admit. Is there anyway that we can keep racism at bay? The Chinese initially had disregard for any lands besides their own while British forces FORCED their way in to China. And when we read The Great Gatsby, Tom remarks that he all other races should be kept below the white man. I do realize that the form of language I have used is the voice of that the conqueror who hates. But my own mother tongue is the tongue of slaves of those who enslaved others and have no regards for its actions. Where am I left then? Except to use this language because this is the one I am most comfortable with and the easiest to reach those who believe in the same things that I do. It seems, both sides of the coin, both revolution and the given can bring no benefit. To fight would mean the death of many, and to lie low, a slow death. How can we fight racism then? I shake my head because as yet I do not have the solution. Liberte`, equalite`, fraternite`

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