Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mass Media - The other skin

Following representations in the mass media, it is surprising that society has made no notice of how television influences a lot of people's lives - why? Like Dove with it's the image of beauty campaign they used the idea of how reality is distorted into block images of what should be acceptable in television and other images - ELSEWHERE. Let's for example bring up WHITE television which is pervasive in many categories of our lives. It's not that the fault is the fact that the mass media IS white, in WHITE America but the workers are well - not. Most are either of Latin, Asian, African, Semitic origin. Like Monk, why is Monk portrayed like a white person when the actual personal character of Tony Shaloub is that of a Lebanese Arab? Semitic actors are made to act Christian and celebrate Christmas, some - like Seinfeld. Are Jewish, so why aren't people or audiences attracted to other visions aside from the healthy white Christian wholesome image? Not everyone is white that's for granted, and not everyone is Christian - excuse me. And Friends? David Schwimmer is rumoured to ONLY date Jewish girls. What about Jennifer Aniston? or Anastassakis as her real name is, a Greek orthodox girl reminiscent of my Big Fat Greek Wedding, and yet she represents this wholesome white American/Irish/German immigrant image. Not to mention that there is a SERIOUS lack of racial representation in white television/comics/any media platform. Is it because other cultures show a penchant for the weird? The UNAmerican? Like being fat? Or having sharp teeth? Or having rings around your neck? Or some people getting pregnant and getting married at an unapproved age? Is there such a thing as a universal value such as keeping in check everyone? I do agree, you shouldn't maim, hurt, torture people. But sometimes American images of what torture is so different than that of the rest of the world, and they don't get it, and Americans don't get it either. Although if you're Jewish I doubt that they don't get it - being UNwhite and UNAmerican. Black models, I mean you can cite BLONDE, TALL and THIN models off of your head easy. Black models? I know Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and that girl with short tight curls with a tall body, that's all. Seriously. And I suspect they recruited these girls not because they're beautiful but to mask the racist fashion industry that worships only tall, thin, blonde and white models. I mean they could have easily recruited as many black models as they wanted, question is why not? As far as I'm concerned the only movie I saw most recently that broke the chain of racism was John Tucker must Die as Ashanti became a head cheerleader in a white school - how? I don't know. How often do we see bi-racial families or cross racial actors? Or families other than white? Heroes other than white, or in P.S. I Love You, a Black couple instead of a white couple? Or even an Asian couple? Sure we should all see more foreign films. In Brunei it isn't such a hard task, everyone's hooked on whatever Asia has to offer. But America, being a melting pot - what's the problem? Even British television or advertising - come on! Indians left and right and all you've got to offer is Life is Not All HaHaHeHe and The Kumars at No.42 Gang?

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