Monday, January 14, 2008

The problems of Africa

In terms of resource, Africa has a huge army of labour, that is easily exploited in due fact because of the lower exchange rate. The other factor is that Africa as a continent, is filled with almost all the valuable resources exchanged daily. To name a few, the metal ores in Africa are used to supplement Playstations (all types), electricity, computers, conductors. Gold, a very common jewelry fixture and the Blood Diamonds. According to, Africa's way to fighting poverty is right under their feet. Their natural wealth is enough to sustain the whole of Africa itself if it didn't bother itself with their petty wars (which is often the rule of the rich over the poor). The case of exploitation in Africa is very very strong. They are exploited for every single facet by their own people who in turn think of themselves like white. The South African government which allowed apartheid for decades is no better. Racism exists in South Africa where unfortunately the wealthy are often white and the poor often black. A growing black middle class is still not helping towards the development of Africa. As I have said before, Africa needs not mimic the development of the West. Brick houses do not mean wealth. Economists who the Africans life depends on their speculation categorize specific GNP as the only key resource to wealth. Economists are becoming stereotypical as to their judgement of wealth, so-called experts being used are nothing but a mere calling to a false premise and invalid argument. Such examinations are often peppered with such Appeal to Authority that they are attributing a false cause towards a real problem. If they have solved it in the first place how is it that repeatedly after all the money being sent to Africa people there are still in famine? Do you think Bush's sanctions on Sudanese economy is because they feel bad for the Sudanese people? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, as Reagan and Nixon, he's in it for the money he can make. Here I was sitting here thinking about how lousy my life is, I think it's because I am surrounded by a lot of people who do not recognize the value of living and of life.

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