Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Deconstructing semanticity

A long time ago I read Rene Descartes in this cute book called Sophie's World, from them on at the age of twelve I began a journey of philosophical understanding that boggles my mind to this day. I've always been fascinated with how Rene Descartes arrived on his conclusions regarding the blank slate and his maxim - Cogito Ergo Sum, I think therefore I am and sometimes, I think therefore I exist. Many people take for granted how they assumed this world and at the next point of understanding is that when they do learn of such things they fail to realize how much impact if only the regular layman had easier access to the resources available to those who read. Do not take it for granted either that everybody should read if they wanted to learn. There are numerous possibilities as to how everyone can begin learning and even until one's own death can learning can never be complete. The Universe of God is too vast, too wide that I fail to understand, even on this green earth not everyone can comprehend the vastness and multiplicity that is available for constant wonder.

When we think of Rene Descartes we think, why should I wipe my mind clean of everything that I have thus so far assumed as FACT? Fact is ofcourse (but don't take my word for it), a series of deconstructed ideas that have managed to push us into situations that make us believe certain things and reject others. For example, when some people believe that women are weaker than men, while this is biologically true to some extent, but it could be noted that there exists exceptionally strong women who are stronger than most men. And when someone describes fact, they are always in doubt - what is fact? Fact is as most people believe it to be, a series of biological and scientific truths. Doctors cannot but must accept that all truths are driven from fact. Although scientific study is not a bad thing and I am not saying it is, but due to the lack of knowledge in our part and even the semantic knowledge of our part, we fail to understand the due importance of biology and even 'natural' biology. In order to operate and save lives, doctors must take these medical arrivals which are the norm (Note: Norms exist however, according to Hume one must always keep a possibility that there is something against the Norm - Always). For example, doctors take note that everyone must have a collar bone, but in the case of the Cape Malays, there are cases of anomalies that people exist without the collarbone. And as we're talking about Norms, we perceive that everyone has ten toes but there are certain tribes even after intermarriage, still occurs groups of people born with only three large toes. Are they an anomaly? If so, how is it that there are many of them? A group of people cannot be considered an anomaly, an anomaly only exists of a Many Norm against a One Anomaly. It is the same with skin, our eyes, our hair colour and our height, it is the same with every aspect of our body. What is the Norm?

When people like Rene Descartes begins to question everything that they see, and they have good reason to question whatever it is that they see (for example, according to our mind's eye scientists have measured that retinas and such make objects seem larger than they actually are - don't ask me how they do it, one of these days I'll quote the study for you). You cannot trust the material world - in fact whatever it is that you have described as fact, something you use to believe in every day life is not true, then you are lost, your mind a Blank Slate. How does one trust anything now that everything is wrong? questionable? Then Descartes thought and thought, and then it was right in front of his mind, His Thought. His rational brain had questioned all around him. And because of this questioning it was all that remained of the empty slate. It was then that Descartes realized, I think therefore I am. I actually exist even if in my head, you cannot trust the physical world, they are made of fakes but you can trust your head even if it may lead you to paths unknown. Fear of paths unknown will create new avenues that make people understand better, be less prejudiced, be more kind. Isn't that the whole purpose of existence? Or should we deconstruct that too?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mass Media - The other skin

Following representations in the mass media, it is surprising that society has made no notice of how television influences a lot of people's lives - why? Like Dove with it's the image of beauty campaign they used the idea of how reality is distorted into block images of what should be acceptable in television and other images - ELSEWHERE. Let's for example bring up WHITE television which is pervasive in many categories of our lives. It's not that the fault is the fact that the mass media IS white, in WHITE America but the workers are well - not. Most are either of Latin, Asian, African, Semitic origin. Like Monk, why is Monk portrayed like a white person when the actual personal character of Tony Shaloub is that of a Lebanese Arab? Semitic actors are made to act Christian and celebrate Christmas, some - like Seinfeld. Are Jewish, so why aren't people or audiences attracted to other visions aside from the healthy white Christian wholesome image? Not everyone is white that's for granted, and not everyone is Christian - excuse me. And Friends? David Schwimmer is rumoured to ONLY date Jewish girls. What about Jennifer Aniston? or Anastassakis as her real name is, a Greek orthodox girl reminiscent of my Big Fat Greek Wedding, and yet she represents this wholesome white American/Irish/German immigrant image. Not to mention that there is a SERIOUS lack of racial representation in white television/comics/any media platform. Is it because other cultures show a penchant for the weird? The UNAmerican? Like being fat? Or having sharp teeth? Or having rings around your neck? Or some people getting pregnant and getting married at an unapproved age? Is there such a thing as a universal value such as keeping in check everyone? I do agree, you shouldn't maim, hurt, torture people. But sometimes American images of what torture is so different than that of the rest of the world, and they don't get it, and Americans don't get it either. Although if you're Jewish I doubt that they don't get it - being UNwhite and UNAmerican. Black models, I mean you can cite BLONDE, TALL and THIN models off of your head easy. Black models? I know Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and that girl with short tight curls with a tall body, that's all. Seriously. And I suspect they recruited these girls not because they're beautiful but to mask the racist fashion industry that worships only tall, thin, blonde and white models. I mean they could have easily recruited as many black models as they wanted, question is why not? As far as I'm concerned the only movie I saw most recently that broke the chain of racism was John Tucker must Die as Ashanti became a head cheerleader in a white school - how? I don't know. How often do we see bi-racial families or cross racial actors? Or families other than white? Heroes other than white, or in P.S. I Love You, a Black couple instead of a white couple? Or even an Asian couple? Sure we should all see more foreign films. In Brunei it isn't such a hard task, everyone's hooked on whatever Asia has to offer. But America, being a melting pot - what's the problem? Even British television or advertising - come on! Indians left and right and all you've got to offer is Life is Not All HaHaHeHe and The Kumars at No.42 Gang?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The problems of Africa

In terms of resource, Africa has a huge army of labour, that is easily exploited in due fact because of the lower exchange rate. The other factor is that Africa as a continent, is filled with almost all the valuable resources exchanged daily. To name a few, the metal ores in Africa are used to supplement Playstations (all types), electricity, computers, conductors. Gold, a very common jewelry fixture and the Blood Diamonds. According to planetark.com, Africa's way to fighting poverty is right under their feet. Their natural wealth is enough to sustain the whole of Africa itself if it didn't bother itself with their petty wars (which is often the rule of the rich over the poor). The case of exploitation in Africa is very very strong. They are exploited for every single facet by their own people who in turn think of themselves like white. The South African government which allowed apartheid for decades is no better. Racism exists in South Africa where unfortunately the wealthy are often white and the poor often black. A growing black middle class is still not helping towards the development of Africa. As I have said before, Africa needs not mimic the development of the West. Brick houses do not mean wealth. Economists who the Africans life depends on their speculation categorize specific GNP as the only key resource to wealth. Economists are becoming stereotypical as to their judgement of wealth, so-called experts being used are nothing but a mere calling to a false premise and invalid argument. Such examinations are often peppered with such Appeal to Authority that they are attributing a false cause towards a real problem. If they have solved it in the first place how is it that repeatedly after all the money being sent to Africa people there are still in famine? Do you think Bush's sanctions on Sudanese economy is because they feel bad for the Sudanese people? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, as Reagan and Nixon, he's in it for the money he can make. Here I was sitting here thinking about how lousy my life is, I think it's because I am surrounded by a lot of people who do not recognize the value of living and of life.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Star Wars

The holidays are coming to an end and therefore it must be filled with watching good movies. Now, the last time I watched something it was The Matrix. The Matrix 2 and 3 are fucked up. I don't get it, do you get it? I don't it was fucked. The first one was good, very good but the Wachowski brothers ruined a classic. I think it was hastily put...the first Matrix that should ever be released should have shown more people that have been released from the Matrix. Okay with that said now we go on to more very important business...The One Love...Star Wars.

Once in awhile I do enjoy the Star Trek book but I have never touched a Star Wars book, there is fear lurking beneath me for that reason I don't want to know. But after watching for two days in a row, from the Ist to the VIth, I want more. Not more episodes I mean they SHOULD remake Star Wars 4-6. I understand that purists will be mad at me, but after seeing the fighting scenes from 1 & 2, you would be mad not to make 4-6 wonderful. We're not destroying the older Star Wars, NO - FAR from it. In the old days, many artists would do the same play but built in their own fashion within that play. If Star Wars was a Space Opera ( I hate Kill Bill I don't know why, I love Pulp Fiction a lot though) then shouldn't remakes be made so that the audience can enjoy it one more time?

Dear Mr. Lucas,

You, are a fucking genius. Please, remake 4-6. Use the suggestions from the millions of Star Wars fans and I guarantee you have a major box office that would give you BILLIONS of dollars, BIGGER than the stupid Titanic movie. We LOVE Star Wars, we do, VERY MUCH. Please Mr. Lucas, if only we could all parade in front of your office/house and show how much we all will support a Star Wars remake.

Yours sincerely,

Liyana T.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Racism again

I was reading around and I came across a very interesting issue which has not been resolved. I am sure the world is still reeling over the death of Benazir Bhutto, corrupt or not, it at least serves as proof that Muslims in general are not the enemies of whatever entity. It just so happens that some Muslims believe that they should go with terrorism, albeit how stupid they seem that is their business. Some Christian communities ask why are not many Muslims protesting against this? I protest this all the time, many authors have protested against terrorism, racism, prejudice, sexism. But these are after all voices in the dark compared to the higher stronger voices of hatred that are prevalent within the society of man. I wonder why weren't there many Christians protesting and helping the Irish Protestants a few years back? Instead the American government actually supported Northern Ireland's sanctions. Well, that is your issue to contend. Back to the racism that I wanted to talk about.

I read a couple few backdated newspapers and was quite surprised that the racism in South Africa is still largely prevalent. I did a paper on Malaysian racism but it wasn't as seriously as rampant as the one evident in South Africa. My question is this, I have no wonder why both sides of black and white have been swindling and hurting each other. There have been many black people who have attacked white people and white people hurting black people left, right and centre. So I think it should be fair. What I don't think is fair is the fact that both these sides hate each other and in the act of retaliation, serve to continually perpetuate the initial hatred. I lie in a world full of hate I admit. Is there anyway that we can keep racism at bay? The Chinese initially had disregard for any lands besides their own while British forces FORCED their way in to China. And when we read The Great Gatsby, Tom remarks that he all other races should be kept below the white man. I do realize that the form of language I have used is the voice of that the conqueror who hates. But my own mother tongue is the tongue of slaves of those who enslaved others and have no regards for its actions. Where am I left then? Except to use this language because this is the one I am most comfortable with and the easiest to reach those who believe in the same things that I do. It seems, both sides of the coin, both revolution and the given can bring no benefit. To fight would mean the death of many, and to lie low, a slow death. How can we fight racism then? I shake my head because as yet I do not have the solution. Liberte`, equalite`, fraternite`

Friday, January 4, 2008

The incentive of religion

Has anybody of a right mind realized that religion is a great incentive for men but not for women? Let's take Christianity for example, do you realize that women are born into this world tainted with sin? Maybe that is why I never made that cross towards Christianity, because God sure knows if I did, automatically I'd be paying for the sins of Eve. And for the other start I think Islamic rationality has been perpetrated by Christian theology and St. Augustine, so much so that it's beginning to sound a bit like Jahiliyyah. So much, that it seems having a female child is a burden than a blessing. How many Islamic theologists expound it like so? Even Imam Al Ghazali was not lost from the raptures when he mentioned women are like animals shrouded with the face of humanity so as men could copulate with them. Let me explain to you, I was born into this world without a choice. I was not given that choice to become male or female. Why are certain things so-called 'forbidden' for me, but allright for men? I did not make this choice, God chose it for me. Why are you treating my sex like animals? Answer me, why am I subjected into this second gender slavery? I eat, I cry, I feel pain and I also have joy. Then why am I lesser than a human being?? Why are men the highest of the high? I thought God was fair, but maybe God is fair that is why He has placed me among you idiots. You use God as a tool inciting him to bring fear as if he is always at your side. Have you not thought for once, that He is my God too? I'm fucking pissed. Anyway, I want a potluck party next week, be warned girls