Tuesday, June 9, 2009

conceiving sexuality

Now that I have a bit of time to blog. I want to talk about Lori L. Heise's essay in the edited book conceiving sexuality. I would have to say, it was very good work. She asked the question it is not that we should be talking about 'manliness' or 'womanliness' and all that these things are rooted in biology. Or that 'boys will be boys' but rather to ask the questions, 'what causes masculine behaviour'? And what social constructions that have allowed them to behave like so? It is amazing when we work past and I understand this is all due to postmodernist discourse (by not taking it too far, yeah Dr. M, I get it ). I am just perpetually amazed at how simple and easy everything is. And it equally saddens me that we actually allow such actions to be construed meaninglessly. Get back to the drawing board and think more :) Btw, is it possible to look at masculinity via the way we train children? I know Kimball did excellent although I find sadly unfinished work concerning it.

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