Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Why women in this world are violently raped and treated

Late last year an article in Malaysia's Berita Harian (which the link disappeared!) talked about a couple with four children whose husband requested his wife undergo vaginoplasty. She commented that she felt hurt but she did go through with it. What wasn't told was that vaginoplasty actually minimizes a woman's sexual pleasure, so there, her husband gets to go heigh-ho on her while she just lies there with no feeling whatsoever. He 'neutered' her and took away any sexual desire that she may have. HE made her into an animal. And you're telling this story off hand as if they don't mean anything.

see this --->

and this --->

and you tell me if a woman is not considered human at all? These are days when I feel so bad about how much social pressure a woman has to go through to exist. If only and I hope to God, somebody would listen and realize that they're being taken advantage of, that they are actually RAPED (within which the person thinks it was consensual when actually it was not)that we have created a world in which we subjugate women to the role of animals that it has become normal.

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