Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kate & 8

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Actually, I've never liked Jon ever since I saw him. I thought he was a jerk to his wife the way he dropped sexist comments to her all the time. But seeing the world is a sexist world, all I see is that they highlight Kate's anger towards her husband and that she 'pushed' her husband to cheating (my GOD, he pushes her around with sexist comments you don't see HER cheating). I thought the way they displayed Kate was extremely unfair. I am a mother too with three small children and I too married young. And honestly, there are days where I feel like hitting my children just because to make them tougher. And people being people seem to like to blame mothers for everything. In the 50s they blamed mothers for making their sons homosexuals if they're too close to them (so what?).

They showed her as a selfish mother, she's not. Look she had eight kids so what? They said the same thing sending death threats to the OctoMom. They say wasting taxpayers' money, for what? For sixteen citizens? Don't you check facts? I'm not American and even I know that only a WHOPPING 5 PERCENT of taxpayers' money goes to welfare, you really want to get angry? Although I wold have to admit a lot of that anger stems from parents who might have lost their love ones through the unfair health system in America. But to blame Kate and OctoMom is a pretty easy way out. What they're angry and this is very obvious towards single mothers everywhere in America, is the fact that they're SINGLE MOTHERS. They're blamed because they didn't manage to hold on to MEN who are WORTHLESS except for their sperm in the FIRST PLACE.

I see the children, sure I 'kesian' (not a direct translation of the word pity haa), but that's that, one day they'll grow up and they'll be fine.

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