Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our limited Choices

I was joining my aunt's YoVille,a game on facebook. I realized one thing. Isn't it obvious that the choices in which we have to pick ourselves male or female is limited? Hair for instance or eyes, face. What about body? What if people did not want to be thin? (there was only one choice, duh). Or short, or tall? Ofcourse its just a game. But a GAME that can be read as a text, a discourse. As cultural pointers of human expectations. We exist in a world that has its own taboos idiosyncracies. These taboos be it 'natural' as in being born with a challenge (definitely the idea of it as a challenge or not is subjective) or socially pushed has its effects on all of us. Our reality our perceptions everything, has been pulled down already every author every writer in the academic circles has talked about this. Derrida himself, who deconstructs absolutely everything has made it extremely difficult for our lives. And yet how is it that we have a problem reaching to the masses? Dear Anthropologists and Sociologists, no matter how hard we try to make people see every side of the coin. It seems at times that it is futile and painful. But (sigh) it has to be done, we have to reach the masses after all.

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