Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Madness of Religion

Don't get me wrong. I'm a religious person myself. And awful awful, I am a Muslim and yes, I do believe in a God. But it seems as if lately everyone has gone mad? Not just Muslims, Christians and Jews. Have you people gone insane? What is all this about the Imam Mahdi similar to the AntiChrist, a Jewish Messiah, Jesus will come down announce the end of time. History has always been bloody and it always will. We have speculated too much on something we do not know. And often religions have always been as one very intelligent lecturer put it, a victim of history. And yes, all these three Abrahamic faiths have been the victim of history and all three are a bit crazy in the brain. Why am I not allowed to criticize my own religion? I love God, it sounds crazy but I do. Why? Because I need Him. He keeps me sane in an insane world and as crazy as it may sound but often when I pray for a solution he gives it to me. A lot of people have accused God to be missing, I don't care if you don't believe in God, I don't believe people who don't believe in God will go to hell, it sounds too ridiculous to me. Like when someone says the people who are hunters and gatherers have no religion and therefore they will go to hell - I DISAGREE strongly. So if they are not aware they should be punished? The fuck is wrong witchu? Where's your ijtihad? Your common sense? What I am sorry to see is all these three faiths are head on tails hating one another. That's sad. What's sad is they don't care and no matter how much I say this, no matter how much I preach and preach of why those who are suffering need too be helped. It's like a lost cause, all of you have turned deaf on me. It's like when my friends think that all Jews will go to hell, what do you think Jesus is made out of? Mediterranean Asian? And all Jews thinking that they are the Chosen People, what about us, are we all going to hell because I checked I'm not Jewish. And what of Christians who think that babies who are not baptized will end up in limbo? You do not have the choice of life. None of us do. We are born not understanding this world, slowly as we grow those who have lived before us tell us how this world works. We do not have a choice on the colour of our skin. We do not have a choice on how much money we have. Nor do we have the choice to be born of what gender, what sexual preferences we should have. None of these are our choices, they are given to us. Often, society shapes us into a mold that they think is the right mold. Sometimes, these molds are wrong and should not be taken so seriously. I am a mother, I wonder why people have lost that feeling of holding a newborn child in their arms and realize that these children have no choice as to what happens to them. They are new, clean white sheets from heaven who do not understand please remember that the key of religion is compassion, love.

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