Wednesday, December 12, 2007

stormy weather

I'm getting the love bug. My sister says I get it very frequently. Often I would fantasize for hours while listening to Billie Holiday. The thing is, I love it, I obsess about love, as strange as that sounds I actually dislike any representations of love on a more 'pop' level, and yet I desire love very much? Or maybe I desire lust :)

Aside from those feelings of anxiety, recently Bali and islanders of the Trobriands and Papua New Guinea have launched an extensive effort to either maintain and conserve the earth's resources and start thinking about climate refugees. Their estimated flood would be in 2070, I would be 85 in 2070. Assuming long lives run in my mother's family albeit the fact that they are all mad. I think obviously Brunei, too will be flooded. Its the smallest island, if Bangkok was to be flooded what more Brunei? Well not the smallest island, Borneo is the second biggest island in the world, but an island nonetheless, we live so close to Huxley's line the deepest line of the oceans. Not oly that as more and more bio-fuel resources are being explored I cannot help but think this transient wealth that is in Brunei will soon be swept away, what's sad is, Bruneians aren't even that rich or still well-informed enough to survive in this harsh world. Too much bumiputera policies like in Malaysia I suppose have left us Malays weak. What are we fit for anyway? None of our race are pioneers, or have made it great to superstardom, the world is still conquered by others who are more capable than us. That being said, I must remember Anthony Burgess when he mentions the 'Malays are a lazy, handsome race.' The next time I'm concerned about is the 'Next Depression.' If the 1920s were anything to go by is that no matter how great something looks, it could crash. It's also the end of the Goldilocks economy for the UK and the US. See, so many problems so little time. And life it seems could be as futile as ever, but man its worth living it.


Liyana T

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