Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Whopee Effect

A thought has occurred to me, had to write it down. I know it sounds lame, its one of those if men can do it well women can do it to. Frankly, women can do a lot of things men can do, in fact almost everything while men cannot do one thing that we all can do, and what's fun is, we can do it without a guy! Except his sperm of course. Unless we've found a way to encode DNA settings and impregnate an ovum without a man. Kind of reminds me of Malaysia's issue concerning single women who are adopting children avoiding all the process of marriage and childbearing, the whole of Malaysia's so-called 'Ultra-religious' were against the idea saying that it would be detrimental to the child. The child who was initially abandoned on the side of the road only to be left in orphanages without single caring love of a mother? Sometimes it makes me angry that religious people act so called religious but they forget the essence of religion, let me repeat this for you you idiots, LOVE, CARE, DEVOTION and KINDNESS. That is the essence of Islamic religion or have you fat asses forgotten and just sat down due to the fact that your asses are so fully stuffed with dirty money. For more references on how fricking angry I was on Malaysia's so-called women's protection refer to the archives, it pissed me to the high heavens. Silly girls, FIGHT BACK, stop criticizing other women, you are all being divided like a butcher divides his lambs so that they don't rampage together.

Okay, getting carried away. I was thinking about men again. Gosh, such beautiful sexual objects. Now, girls listen to me carefully. Men, get weak knees thinking about other beautiful women, now ladies just think about all the beautiful men, imagine their beautiful thighs and their nice lovely chests and arms. Then look at your husband/boyfriend/fuck buddy/crush and compare the two. How sad is it that they're ugly compared to the beautiful men on display; please concentrate. Instead of men treating women as sexual objects, women should start thinking of men as sexual objects. In a book written by Fatima Mernissi concerning the hijab of women, Men, need to be 'protected' from their vice that is why women are covered from head to toe. The question is, if men are the ones who need to be 'protected' as Mernissi argues, why shouldn't we hijab men? Instead of them grabbing us, why can't we grab them? Often even in the West, scantily clad ladies going to the bars and pubs for a great night out would always find themselves being grabbed by drunken boys and men. Next time, grab them. See their reaction. GRAB them. Grab hard by the way, they like it that way especially on the balls, squeeze tight, don't let go. If the effect is similar to a human being being roasted on a spit of fire, keep squeezing. Men are taught to be victims of their sexual desire, I ask then why aren't women raised to become victims of their sexual desire? and b) why does a can of nasty always spill when it comes to sexually open ladies? and thirdly, society DOES encourage women to become shy, quiet, traditional, virgins, docile and domestic. I'm wondering if women act opposite of these expectations, would that be really bad? The truth is, women can have all of these things if only, they are strong enough in their convictions concerning it. I remember a young man telling me, the reason why he was dating a 13 year old (he was 16) was because he wanted to catch them young and 'train' them so that they would be 'merati', or understand, a term of understand used for animals, a trained cat 'merati' to poop in the special litter bin and a 'merati' woman is trained to be instructed. What of he? I said to him, 'well, that sounds awful, what do you think she is, an animal?' then he goes on to say ' Bini-bini ani, mun inda diajar awal2 babal, nda merati gauk,' 'females, if not taught from the beginning, will be stupid, don't understand anything, wild.', kind of like me, a 'wild' person, dirty and blablabla. When I explained to him several things he just kept quiet and shrugged. Well, that is the Malay Male attitude. Not all Malay men, just generic behaviour among their clan of men. Men are then encouraged to become wild, free and roam, while women are taught to be domestic and docile. The truth is when both have reached their forties and fifties they have become equals, both men and women. Increasingly, the woman nags and hates her husband while the husband just walks off, doing something else. A pattern so common in Malay households that my parents themselves developed prior to their divorce. Now, I don't think divorce is a bad thing. It's okay, a part of life cycle one must accept. It is this behaviour from both men and women initially even in the West that has created the separation of men and women. Why can't we learn from the Gerai? The Gerai instead of believing men and women are completely at odds, believe that men and women are complimentary towards each other. In their society some men, to pacify their crying babies would offer their nipples to be suckled on, they also have an incidence of male breastfeeding, although not as much as female breastfeeding. Is it so wrong that people can cross boundaries? Or have we become so completely foolish that we cannot see it for ourselves?

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