Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Tan

White people go crazy for our skin. True true, they wouldn't be bothered to tan themselves so much and yet, our culture drives women to make themselves fucking white. White is the worshipped colour. Now, I'm bored with all this white talk. White people are nice, but they're too nice, not enough passion, not enough anger. They can be mean too when they're in the KKK. But, aside from the racism. I want to celebrate black and brown. No WHITE. Tired of half white people,No, I'm not being racist okay, I was also descended from white, so NO I'm not being racist. Half black, half white people are admittedly very very yummy. Like Julian Marley, who's the son of the late Bob Marley and Lucy Pound. Actually, a little too white for me but what the heck. I noticed though...I often don't go for white people? Am I racist? Sexually? I was reading Catherine Alliott's The Old Girl Network. I was laughing like mad because she was so honest, just as her character Polly rejects a Chinese man earlier in the story...she was playing a mind game with herself who she would sleep while in the tube and said he was a little too Chinesey...and she wasn't being racist, she was being a 'Toothist!' cos apparently he's got buck teeth. I couldn't help but remember that I liked that Japanese cook Tanaka and my husband who's actually a Malay...both parents, don't be mistaken for his face almost all Bruneian Malays look like that we really look like Chinese people I don't know why (or Arabic, or Indian, the truth is most of us are mixed...we just rarely mention it for the sake of MIB). Good God, I'm still hungover that frickin cook, I wonder why... as Amy Winehouse puts it, 'I'm not cheating cos you were always on my mind..yeah he looked like you, but I heard love is blind'. Well, honestly I wouldn't care if my husband has a million ladies if I just have that one cook :) . Where was I? Oh yeah white men...actually no, I'm not racist. There is this white older man that sometimes I slip into daydreams...honestly, if he was a little younger and we were both single...I would. So, no I don't think I'm racist I think I look for certain things in some people that signal their attractiveness to me. How can people be racist? Often sometimes there is a little something something that cross racially have, certain type of image everyone can fit into, eyes, nose, missing teeth (who knows!), obesity, slimness, hair, body, skills, intellect, humour. Something we're looking for in love. It's definitely not the skin, although sometimes it is about the skin but really? If people are NATURALLY racist, how is it I find something attractive about someone regardless of their skin colour? Originally, well...I like well-endowed men. And Malay men, because they are as one friend of mine actually contemptuously puts it, of black origin, often they are very well endowed. Nice stick you got there. And Sinitic men...well I've seen enough porn to know and Japanese women who tell, that it's kinda tiny although I'm sure it's powerful considering they managed like a billion people. And then I met this prostitute (fucking hell where do I get these people?!) she told me white men's dicks are soft although this is just a general picture, I'm very sure there are many who are opposite this view. But ladies, really? One friend told me, sometimes it's not how big it is, its how they use it. Which is true, and to help this course (because all men are stupid and want their cocks to be the biggest in the world) I advise you ladies to pick up some Indonesian Jamu, its herbs made into a pill to help with the vagina contracting, it's not to help the men silly girl, its for you. I use Mimi Lan Mintuno but there are others as well from Sariayu like Rapet Anak Dara I think? The tighter it is, the more sensitivity you feel down there and the more orgasms you get. I use it often so I can cum like crazy :) Plus exercise those kegel muscles MOVE it. Your vagina is superior to the male penis, SUPERIOR wayyy. It can push children out, it can withstand blows from a penis (yeah right, as if its that great), some girl asked me once...she said isn't it that old ladies can't have sex anymore? Ridiculous I say, it's men who can't have sex. We can have sex ANYTIME. The reason I think why many women reject their spouses as they age is because the sex is probably frustrating, NOT fun. Boring. Oh dichotomy is coming again. I hate men LOL. Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian, too late. Lesbians, run you are probably having the best sex in the whole wide world...I wonder do gay men have as much fun as lesbians? Looks like they're having fun though. Heterosexual sex will never reach the heights of homosexual sex. It occurred to me, is it because gay people are more honest than straight people about sex is that why they get the better end of the stick? And yeah I do daydream about sex a lot, I swear I was supposed to be born a gay man.

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