Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mating Ritual (II)

I had some guests over so I had to stop, went out and bought a lovely knife which accidentally I slit my finger open with because I thought it would act the same way as my other blunt knives. No, not suicidal, just chopping onions, big red indian onions.

Where was I? I was talking about sex and the mating ritual. The limit of property actually goes further than that. Mercantile societies such as the Indian and the Chinese or may I add, the Arab. Are more apt at building property and capital. As I said, they limited property didn't I? Well according to Marx, property build up capital is one of the reasons why some people are continuously rich and some continuously poor. Consider the foods that rich people eat, foie gras bla bla bla, grapes whatnot, consider what poor people eat, some foods are known to build children's brains in pregnant mothers. Take Vandana Shiva, this was her line of argument, take an undernourished girl who will become a mother, during pregnancy she was also undernourished and the child is born undernourished thus affecting the child's intelligence. Isn't it that intelligence perpetuates itself line after line as well as stupidity and poverty? Can you see how unfair the world is to begin with? But sometimes miracles do exist, poverty is a two way street that one cannot fathom even when Shiva has argued. The ascetic is wise and does not eat, what is it then that pushes humanity to become what it is? Its desire. Simple and plain desire. The desire to become poor will be rewarded as the desire will become rich, either way when an individual has seen the key that they can remain a certain way it will either perpetuate itself or remain only at that point. We are locked within a society filled with desire and this desire culminates itself in the mating ritual. Sex is always and often between two people of the same class and race and when these two intersect and cross class cross race sex is performed it is insinuated as rape. We fall in love with our own class who identifies with what we identify with, rarely do two different classes fall in love with each other, they are an anomaly that are represented in stories such as the Great Gatsby and Antara Dua Darjat. Love like that don't work. Like the rich beautiful middle class girl would fall in love with the hick who wants to grow up to be a common policeman? They won't and it won't happen, if they do intend to marry it would end with divorce because both are within a social standing that are in opposite forms with each other. Let's talk sex and the city, Miranda and Steve broke up because Steve was JUST a bartender, the social roles cannot connect therefore it ended. But as soon as Steve stops becoming JUST a bartender and opens his own bar he stops becoming the working class and as a capital owner, a bourgeoisie. Hence, Miranda's falling back in love with him and ends up marrying him, now their social standing does not differ they are both middle class people. It pops up in fairy stories as well mind you, Cinderella was a fallen bourgeoisie with her stepmother and stepsisters disguising the fact that she is as well, middle class. Fairy stories are littered with this, why the fuck is it necessary that a prince can only marry a princess? Or a girl who is disguised as being so poor but has come from a rich lineage. It's like the Da Vinci Code all over again, I hate that book. Absolutely positively hate the prose, although he does make a point and put it in a thriller. Jesus was a carpenter who was born from a lineage of Kings. Kinda reminds me of Kevin Smith's Dogma and Chris Rock was the black half-brother of Jesus. That was funny, what if Jesus was black? Or mediterranean, or Good God NO, Jewish :) . Oh back to the mating ritual, maybe its time to consider that cross-cultural cross-class marriages SHOULD take place and aside from the fact that both are between poverty and wealth, hey wealth isn't everything and if you want wealth why can't you do it yourself?

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