Friday, December 14, 2007

The Mating Ritual

In this world of unmitigated sex, and obviously one cannot run away from sex anyway. And I ended up talking about it with a good friend of mine, she says she doesn't enjoy sex sometimes with her paramour. Whatever it is, I could elicit that yes, sex is overrated especially in pornography. Seriously, nobody has tits like that and nobody has dicks like that, it just doesn't make any sense. I could be a feature of lampooning, after all anime has been gone on and on with teenagers buying images of large breasted girls and something about Yayoi sex? Gay sex with one of the partners looking like some sort of hot animal while the other a male but evidently with strong female features. I know, well the thing is most young women who don't fit into the mold of large breasted girls or extremely feminine girls for that matter always define themselves as being that mold of overly feminine looking man. Well, its not surprising considering a lot of women when they were younger often opt for men who look like Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio, the choice remains women often look for softer features when opting sexual choice and mating. I know its ugly that I boil down the whole issue of sex into a sort of mating ritual. But it is, isn't it? The dance of emotions during our prime begins with searching for potential partners who would become good agents for parenthood, and at least ample time for the child to grow up and soon multiply themselves in turn. Monogamy as I see it, (against those idiotic bio-sociologists) is just a trained social behaviour, to limit and control the spread of property. One wife will definitely guarantee only the right of one lineage of offspring. But what happens with two, three or four wives like in Muslim communities? Would that not limit the spread of wealth? Patrilineal societies that avoid altogether and even if they do practice polygamous marriages like the Chinese often are monogamous or hierarchical therefore a distinct differentiation of who gets what. It would often fall then that Islamic marriages are actually more egalitarian, despite what one may hear. If for example, there are four women to contend with, how can the will of one man defeat that of four women? For the love of God, if he beats one wife, they can always unite and beat him up in return, there's nothing in Islamic law that prohibits a woman from hitting their husbands, au contraire. See, ladies, do you get what I mean? There are always ways for women to get around the situation we should just start thinking like men just as Rosseau advised. Start raising girls like men and they will have less power over us. Instead, women have to fall into a series of deceit and deception. I often do give a little white lie to my husband often, actually I would then I would tell the truth. I'm not really a good liar. Where was I? I was talking about sex, wasn't I? Well...I'll leave that to part 2, I have some guests


Fallen_Purse said...

What a fascinating blog you have. I agree, sex is overrated (and maybe I am just a romantic), but nothing beats making love.

I have left relationships because of bad sex and stayed in relationships because of good sex.

liyanat said...

yeah, making love is fucking good gurl ;)