Sunday, December 16, 2007

The truth

The truth is nothing is MOVING. People are behaving well because Christmas is coming up and nobody wants to spend time in jail. By the way I was admiring a certain blog was called, The Assimilated Negro. Love it, this guy lives in NY and he's black well let him do the story talking. I think his blog is edging on artistic. I love this guy, if you haven't read him, you should, you're almost sinning not to read him. Anyway, back to reality, by the way I lost that fucking metal mole. Just so you know,I'm not planning to pierce myself anytime soon, so prolly gonna do that...when I feel like it. Slowly weaning Edward off the breast so mummy can go clubbing when she gets to Miri. Good God, I'm reliving those days when we took Edward to the Niah caves, This is just a photo of Edward and my husband at the mouth of the caves. Funny, I don't talk about it that often, it was fucking freaky. I'm thinking how am I supposed to do anthropological work like this? Although my husband said I easily chatted up the Iban women, there's hope for me yet. I can't wait to go clubbing actually, haven't done it in years so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping its nice. Maybe next year will be a year for travelling. I feel like it, I want to travel all over the place. Today is what, December the 17th, 2007. It's been a year since my last child and I'm only 22, and I can't have anymore children. It's both good and bad for me. I wanna smack my husband's bum, maybe both of us should get some exercise or something. Something. Ella starts school next year, handles the pc very well. Ezra seems to have a penchant for cooking and food (?). Edward well, he won't walk. I haven't done anything of note except getting a swiss full body massage from a Filipino lady, if you subscribe to Fifi's blog, she was in the next room while I screamed from pain. What else should I tie? Good books read this year especially Reza Aslan's No God but God. Loved Mariam's course on Political Sociology, comparative law. Although at times I admit it was a bit dry, but sometimes the realm of ideas is often dry. I think I find myself sinking into Islam a little too much this semester, what with Iik's class and Mariam's class. Next year will be more. I think the holidays were pretty short, but I don't think I can stand it too long either, it was getting too boring. I hope I got some As and Bs this semester...I admit I studied the night before the exam, and sometimes I don't know what the hell I'm talking about and often I just use whatever example I really2 know and recycle five folds. I hope to God (I do believe in a God..Well!) that next year he will pour me the good happiness he has poured on to me this year. Sometimes, life feels its getting harder and harder every year. But sometimes, it feels fucking damn good.

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukah, Selamat Tahun Baru, Moga Dirahmati Oleh Tuhan, and enjoy.

Yours with love,

Liyana T

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