Monday, December 17, 2007

Sex and Circumcision

Woohoo! Got a great topic for you boys and girls today. I've had enough being told left, right and center by the media how circumcision is BAAD for you. I was circumcised. But female circumcision for girls is more of a symbolic act, and a very painless tiny amount was taken off. Do I have bad sex than uncircumcised girls? as far as I'm concerned, I don't think so...I do have wonderful sex. I rarely need to fake it and my husband was not medically circumcised but actually kampong (village) circumcised, no anaesthesia, so also I think lesser foreskin is removed than most people. I've never had sex with an uncircumcized person so I don't know if its nice or not, I know a guy told me once he liked uncircumcized girls' pussy flaps, you know the one that hangs like a tongue. So I'm not sure. Personally, I liked that I was circumcized, its aesthetic, for me. Don't tell me the aesthetic is homogenous, for example, a lot of girls like Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt or Patrick Dempsey. I don't. Are you gonna force me to like Patrick Dempsey? Personally, I also liked my husband is circumcized and he cums, a LOT, so no problem there, he's 30 by the way, although I've heard men around their mid-twenties are beginning to feel as if their moms have taken away their plaything and they're not happy that its gone. I know for sure that some circumcision practices for women especially in Ethiopia are very dangerous and extreme, removing the labia altogether. Now that's crazy. I do think that it was developed as a method of child control, lesser sensitivity if the argument is true does involve lesser sex = lesser children. So I think that pre-modern societies use it as a form of birth control. Also, the guy who mentioned that he re-grew his penis said that he could achieve orgasm now as soon as you know, missionary position. Could it be, that men are circumcized so that they could satisfy us women more? Cos, men are lazy fuckers and I hear all the time on American TV that their women often fake their orgasms and that sex is not pleasurable for them. I'm wondering have they y'know use traditional aphrodisiacs that I have mentioned? Like Kacip Fatimah for women and Maa'jun for men? There's a reason we Malays and Indonesians use em you know. I know for a fact that old ladies here do get 'somethin somethin' with their male partners too. Ofcourse as women have children their vaginas become more distended making sex unenjoyable as well as having a dry vagina, although probably its because I depend on these herbs that rarely my vagina is dry during sex, except maybe he was turning me off? My husband has no trouble cumming as is most of my male friends and family members tell me too, at its quickest, around 10-20 minutes of sexual intercourse and at its longest probably 30-50 minutes or an hour of sex. Repeated sex is otherwise. Is that bad? I mean how quick do you want it to be? Cos honestly as a woman, I need to reach an orgasm around 10-20 minutes, at worst and if he's being good, well even a minute I could cum, its happened, it has happened that I get twice in a row. Damn, I'm lucky to be a girl. Whatever it is, it could be that circumcision works for you, or not. Some men feel as if that they are sexually inadequate because they are not circumcised and cannot perform. Some men are circumcised and think the same way too. I tell you what boys, it all sounds like 'he's got a better pecker than me! he's having better sex!' do not covet your neighbour kind of thing. If you are circumcized and do regret it, I suggest finding ways that makes your sex life better, the other if you are not circumcized, do the same thing, find ways to make it better. Now they wanna sue us parents just because we want to circumcize our kids? WTF?! You're a bad parent if you do this, you're a bad parent if you do that. For white people, you don't beat your kids well that's fine with me, but that is how I handle my kids. I don't hurt them but enough to scare them. For Fuck's sake I don't judge you for not spanking your kids, don't judge me because I do. It's the war of the cultures and everyday in anthropology this remains the case in point. Its all about feeling ethnocentric. What's right? What's wrong? Is there a universal right? Is there a universal wrong? There isn't and Russell Peters is a great example to show how true that could be.

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